Date: 30th April 2009 at 10:10am
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Cardiff City have one game remaining of this season and need a solitary point to grasp a guaranteed playoff position. We cannot afford to wait for Preston or Burnley to slip up, our destiny is in our own hands and we must make this game count. A trip to Sheffield Wednesday is not an overly daunting task and you`d normally back us to get a point at Hillsborough. Howwever a disappointing run of form and results has seen the jitters among Cardiff City fans and players and we could realistically miss out – this would be devastating after a great season so far.

Many have suggested it is the mental toughness of our young squad which is not suited to the pressure at this end of the season. Of our starting XI, only Kennedy and Rae are above 30 meaning we have a very young team. The experience of McPhail, Scimeca, Purse and even Paul Parry is often left on the sidelines but with the Roger Johnson / Gabor Gyepes partnership looking less assured than ever – is it time for Club Captain Dareren Purse to make a comeback?

Purse certainly has leadership, determination and experience. He is a gritty campaigner and has been there before. You certainly know what you’re going to get from Purse and with 11 goals shipped in three games – form alone could seem him in-line for a recall. The fans and the club owe Darren a lot, he is a superb guy and ambassador for the club – I believe he would simply love to be called upon in this situation, and he is the ideal man to step up.


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  • hi guys, its me darcy,sorry aint been on, someone supposed to reported me to media spokesperson, i thought as your the fans you have a right to know, whitts has been looked at by wolves and mick mccarthy has inquired about him, and at the moment, he and the gaffer aint exactly on speakin terms

  • Hi bluebird04. I’ll just confirm that you are NOT Darcy Blake, having spoken to him – he has never posted on this website. As for your point, would be very suprised if Whitts went to Wolves, he barely looks a Championship player at the moment….

  • i agree shroom. i feel the same about parry. its hard to think that he was so prolific last season. if we do make it we’ll need some new legs in midfield for sure.
    as for bluebird04 = darcy…hhhhmmmmm. tell us something thats accurate if you are who you say you are!

  • Parry has been playing through a knee injury, but I cant help feeling there’s something else – he was our most dangerous player at times last year! Shouldn’t lose that at his age!

  • bluebirdshroom, i have had 3 people ask me about this website, one being a older man, bald, tallish, and other a youngish looking woman, light hair, not to tall, there other a tallish man again, but with dark hair and quite chubbish,,,,,,,,,,,,like i said, i had to refuse about this website on several occassions as we are not allowed to be on fansites, because of fans who moan constantly at little things get to the lads, as for bluebirdlewis what would you like to know, that i was born in caerphilly in 1988. i was in the youth squad with both rambo, and gunter, and also others who didnt make it profesional such as carl payne, rory mccreash, mark jones, i havent scored a league goal for cardiff, i made my first league apprence as a sub against crewe alexander, what else would you like to know

  • One chance….log onto your facebook page Darcy and send a private message to the Vital Cardiff facebook persona. Then we’ll believe. Didn’t think so. My understanding is that you’re Rhys Evans so any further posts in Darcy Blake’s name will be removed. [Edited by rhodrit]

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