Date: 29th April 2008 at 10:05am
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Following recent news that the Welsh National Anthem will be sung at Wembley, the FA has recruited mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins to lead the vocals of ‘Mae hen wlad fy nhadau’ on May 17th.

Jenkins is a hugely successful singer, and regularly leads the anthem for Welsh rugby internationals. However, many will feel her voice is not ideally suited to leading 25000 Cardiff City supporters.

Jenkins told

‘It`s a fantastic honour for me to sing our national anthem anywhere in the world, but to sing at an FA Cup final at Wembley is going to be something really special,’

‘Who will I support? Who will all right-minded and passionate Welsh sports fans across our country support that day?’

Still it could be a whole lot worse, God Save The Queen will be led by Lesley Garrett.


18 Replies to “Katherine Jenkins To Sing ‘Hen Wlad’ at Wembley”

  • So a Welsh team is playing in the English Cup Final. If they win, they will take the place as an English representative in Europe. No doubt all the Cardiff fans will have their Welsh flags. Now there is to be a Welsh anthem. Isn’t ‘God Save The Queen’ the anthem of the United Kingdom. Is that not good enough for Wales. Thank heavens Pompey will win the day for everybody that is English & right.

  • Don’t take it out on us Matt, there’s a very small minority who want our anthem played. we certainly didnt ask for it.

  • i totaly disagree with matt, and why are you backing him up bbshroom, we are welsh, why cant we have our anthem played, if the UKs anthem is the same as england then thats fair enough, but we represent all of wales, and we want our song played, and matt, do you really think that all of england want portsmouth to win, and what do you mean right.

  • Lets bend over backwards for the ‘underdogs’. Why oh why is the welsh anthem being sung?? You are all British, God save the Queen is your anthem too. If this is the case, let us have Land of Hope and Glory. Out of order, but that is the way of the poxy do-gooders in this Country. Why turn this into Wales v England, it’s an English competition you are allowed to play in, you should be proud to sing the British anthem with us. St Georges flag now at the ready.

  • yea all british, so if we are all british we should be able to have our anthem, its not all about england, britains anthems are all about england and england alone, its welsh in the cup, and it is a english competiton and the welsh are init to win it, so we will have our anthem, and your gonna listen to it, just as we gotta listen to a song about a boring old fart (the queen) who does nothing but sit on a chair all day

  • Thats how I feel about the BRITISH anthem too, but thats another debate. bb04, what part of god save the queen is about England and England alone????She is your queen too. (like it or lump it) just as she is the whole of the UK.

  • And….you say, bb04, you play in an english competition. You also play in an ENGLISH league. How come then, one of your players got a straight red in an ENGLISH Game, therefore banning him from representing your WELSH team in the ENGLISH fa cup final, then the WELSH fa overturn it. Who are you under, the welsh or english fa?

  • i dont really understand any of that, but if i think what your saying its because we are based in wales, and we used to be in the welsh league and we was under the welsh fa, but then the english fa, offered us achance to play in the english league, but we are still under the welsh fa. on another note, i dont want to get into an arguement, but porstmouth are english, cardiff are welsh, i do view your opinions on its not a “wales vs england” but how many times do you see a welsh team in the final, so its i beleieve its only fair, if you got a problem with us having the welsh anthem then go take it up with the FA

  • Not right tho mate, is it. If you play in the English league, you should come under the juristiction of the English FA. I dont understand what all you lot dont get about the fact that GOD SAVE THE QUEEN is the anthem for England and Wales (scotland and Ireland too) our anthem is Land of hope and glory, not a sniff of that being played. If you want to play in the showcase of ENGLISH football (congrats by the way) then you should accept the rules. Dont even get me started on how if you win you can take the English Cup spot in UEFA when you want to disasociate yourself from England by singing your Welsh anthem, and do not abide by the rules set by the English fa (Purse red card).

  • look the rules say, the winner of the FA.CUP gets to go to UEFA. and if we go through to UEFA then accept it, we beat all the odds, we beat everything put infront of us, we earned that spot. and we are under the juristiction of the welsh fa because we still play in welsh cup competitons such as FAW. why do you keep on about darren purse, we went to the faw and they said he didnt deserve the red card, i think it is fair having the welsh anthem, simply because year after year its england vs england in the fa.cup now a welsh team is in there, we want to make the day a special one, we might not get the chance. to be honest i think its realy childish how a song could wind up so many people, but hey like i said, got a problem, then go the FA

  • This is exactly what the FA Cup isn’t about. If you Pompey fans want to take issue with it – thats fine but it wasn#’t our decision to make. The FA chose, we cant exactly say no thanks we dont want our anthem. Personally I’m looking forward to the game rather than the anthems…

  • totally agree with bluebirdshroom, it is the game to look forward to, sod the anthems. Must admit I hate anthems at games anyway, God save the queen bores me to tears, if it was a rousing rendition of land of hope and glory then maybe it would be better… I digress! FFS chaps, storm in a tea cup, you’ve a great game to look forward to, just rejoice at being at Wembley and enjoy the day, you aren’t telling me a couple of minutes for a song will make any difference surely?

  • fricking joke, if the FAW overturn the red card then why are you playing in the english fa cup, its complete ****e, your a welsh club, stick to wales, the only anthem played should be the land of hope and glory (the english anthem)

  • mate, dont get jelous that your not in the cup. and if you got a problem go see the fa, go on, instead of moanin on a website that no-offical reads,

  • It’s the FA who decided, we didnt ask, we didnt complain, and plenty Cardiff fans don’t want. You do have a pretty poor grasp on the situation tiny t.

  • If you are so proud to be Welsh play in the Welsh Leagues, then you might win somethink now and again

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