Date: 22nd May 2010 at 5:27pm
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Cardiff City are destined for Championship football again next season after a thrilling 3-2 defeat by Blackpool at Wembley. It looked good for City after Chopra finished an early chance well but set-pieces turned out to be our undoing as first Charlie Adam scored a free-kick and Taylor-Fletcher bundled home an equaliser to Ledley’s neat finish. A hideous winner turned out to be crucial but Pool won’t care.

An early injury to Jay Bothroyd made a world of difference and we never looked the same. We had our chances, Chopra hit the bar and Ross McCormack fired wide when well placed.

Premiership football for the seasiders, I hope a good proportion of the 40k supporters at Wembley continue to support them next season. A good season ends in disappointment and poor defending for the Bluebirds- as for next season, I’ll be there…


25 Replies to “Dream over: Cardiff City beaten by Blackpool”

  • Im glad blackpool won promotion to the ENGLISH premiership you have no right to be in any of the english leagues.

  • me thinks you lot are in the brown stuff more than the poor relations wednesday in the steel city. UTB

  • its is no coincidence that not one person has a nice word to say about your s**t club.Well done Blackpool,lets hope that is the end of the taffs.

  • Why should Crystal Palace, Portsmouth, Hull & Southampton get points docked, while you lot lie your way through 4 winding up orders – oh it’s because your Welsh. Roll on 16/6 and lets see.

  • england are going to crap in the world cup. i wish your english advertisments like kitkat could get lost.Go wales!and its not the english prem its the barclays prem.

  • LOL the posts.
    Sheff Utd lost last year to burnley and then where were they this year
    Jacks dropped out on the last day and dont know where the opponents 6 yrd box is
    Sheff Wed relegated to league 1
    Im with hoop the fairytale was always going to end this way
    we got there you lot didnt – get over it

  • well done on making the playoffs, im sure youll be remembered for years as your crowning glory, especially after you get wound up like youve been winding every other fecker in the champ.

    and england may only get to the semis or the quarters but it could be worse, we coul be welsh.

  • i tell you what u enlglish make me ******** laugh!! taff this taff that grow up u****s! only 3 welsh players in our squad the rest are scottish or english or others. we were beaten by ther better team on the day i aint afraid to say that, all your pathetic snidy comments just make me laugh. and as another person said its the barlcays premier league not the english stop thinking u rule everything, when clearly u don’t. your ***** at football u WON’T win the world cup. YOUR ***** at rugby, tennis the list is endless, wales ius just as poor in all sports thats life. THE UK does poorly in sport. The premier league is 80% foreign players. comnsidering the population of england is nearly 60million ( wales has just over 3million) i would persoannally find it embarrassing if i was english to have such a ***** football team and rugby team surely u have more talent than that???

  • Not keen how this is going…! Not all English, I came on and was nice! Then again, my dear old nan was Welsh, the finest lady I’ll ever know. End of the day for those that don’t like Cardiff being in the league, tough luck, deal with it, they are. End of argument really. I would point out we did very well in the hop skip and jump and thank you not to forget it. Good day to you sir!!!!!!!

  • just the English who won’t let us play in their league Mr Fear…. thats just not cricket!

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