Date: 15th November 2008 at 6:10pm
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Cardiff City deserved to win but made life difficult for themselves as they overcame Cryystal Palace in a 2-1 victory.

Michael Chopra won and converted a penalty on the half hour but just minutes later scores were level following a Bluebirds corner. Palace keeper Flahavan collected and launched a long ball counter – Heaton dallied before colliding with McNaughton, the ball falling nicely for Scannell to hit home.

Despite their dominance, Cardiff were below par but regained the lead 8 minutes into the second half. Eddie Johnson won his header (as he did all afternoon) and Joe Ledley was on hand to fire home to his delight. Ledley had just returned to the field after the physio managed to un-dislocate his elbow.

Palace bossed midfield but offered next to no attacking threat – in truth they didnt deserve or look like equalising. Eddie Johnson was felled in the area for an injury time penalty but Chopra’s effort was saved. Lawrence red carded for the last man challenge.

Back to winning ways for City, and true to form – it wasnt particularly pretty but it was three points.


18 Replies to “Cardiff City Down Eagles – CCFC 2-1 CPFC”

  • proud to say think we played very good today, nice to get a run out aswell, and as usual our 4-4-2 worked and we got 3 points

  • didnt notice the unusual change then b04? when we switched to a 4-1-4-1…….? Employing Parry and Chopra in wide attacking positions?

  • and that also means bluebird04 is darcy blake!
    and i beleive bluebirdshroom is correct as me and my m8s wondered why the switch when as u say the 4 4 2 was workin.
    no need to drop chopra wide right and parry left leavin johnson workin too hard upfront! so i do think we should have stayed with 4 4 2

  • also correct the eddie is a gr8 target man upfront and him and chopra should start linkin better as the flick ons from head should suite chops’s style of play.
    Think eddie deserved to take penalty and who knows if he’d scored what it would do 4 his confidence.

  • or r u paul parry as paul hasn’t started much these days!
    which is hard on him but if ledley goes in january paul will start a lot more!

  • did not mean to give myself away, only used this fan site, to see how people thought of my performences each week. thanks, its been fun, can anyone tell me how to delete my profile please

  • bluebird04 – we wont say anything! keep up the good work. your regular start is only round the corner. McFailure should go to the bench! he was terible on Sat!

  • thank you, macca is playing well i thought, was in talks with a possible loan move to the race course a few weeks back, but they got joe allen instead, just got to keep my head down and work hard in training and the gaffer said i will get my chance

  • bluebidlewis, i thought if i put bluebird23 it might of been a bit to obvious, and rae is my current patner in training, sort of my mentor so i chose his lucky number 4

  • U will be better than mcphail!!
    keep workin hard and your time will come!
    and sooner rather than later with the injuries being picked up so chin up!

  • thanks guys, but please dont spread this, i just used this to check what some people thought of my performences. may i ask which stand you all go in please, i think macca is the creative one, gavs need to work on his shooting haha, just hope he doesnt read this haha

  • guyess if you please. lower grandstand canton. below the pyramid advert. i think its great that a player like yourself supports the team. your chance will definately come and you will turn heads and hopefully keep your name on the sheet. perhaps McPhail should not play full 90. come on to freshen?

  • thanks, well i grew up in caerphilly, and managed to watch cardiff when ever, so i have got a big heart for cardiff, and want to the team to do well. well wouldnt mind a game now and again, its always nice to come onto the field, especially when the crowd is so loud its a real confident boost. well i dont mind turning heads, aslong as i do my best, i dont want to leave but when you know the club has accepted a offer to sell you, you feel unwanted, and if i do ever leave cardiff, i hope the fans will understand why, it was never really my choice, but i can asure you something, i wont be quick to move to the premiership as i know i will play even less.

  • exactly like gunter who barely plays not the right move but the chance to play in the premiership turns heads!
    i think ramsey made the best choice of teams who were interested even tho he should not have moved yet!
    his choice was wide as wenger puts faith into young players and if he plays well will get into the team eventul;ly

  • Rambo Emergency loan back to us till christmas? wouldnt that be great! when you make your decision make sure its the right one for all the right reasons. your job is playing and thats what you like to do. dont just keep the bench warm

  • when i move, it will be for the right reasons, and bluebirdshroom, i dont mind if you dont believe it, i didnt really want anyone to know so i did my best to hide it, in a way i didnt mind it when no-one knew, as i knew they where honest

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