Date: 27th August 2010 at 9:46am
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Cardiff City this week tied up a season long loan deal for Wolves striker Andy Keogh, whose arrival looks certain to result in the departure of Ross McCormack. Keogh is a former Scunthorpe United player, whose talent and versatility have seen him win some excellent reviews, not least from Wolves boss Mick McCarthy who remains a big fan.

In order to get the some up-to-date views on Keogh, and what he can bring to Cardiff City – we headed over to Vital Wolves to get the views of the New York City Wolf.

What’s Keogh’s best position? Can he cover other positions?

Andy Keogh made a name for himself at the unfashionable surrounds of Scunthorpe. Keogh cost the club just 50,000 pounds but struck a formidable strike force with Billy Sharpe now of Doncaster. Keogh scored 15 goals in helping Scunthorpe to promotion to League One and was snapped up by Wolves for half a million. He was signed as a forward but his goal ratio resulted in him being played behind a front two or lone striker, and made his mark on both wings.

What sort of player is he?

In my book Keogh is an exceptional talent who fell foul to the Wolves Bully Boys. Andy is a very smart thinker who can match his ideals with his ability to execute his vision thanks to his abilities. The player will run himself into the ground, chip in with vital goals yet create more than he scores due to his nature.

Some fans are worried by his goalscoring record – should they be?

If you are looking for a striker to give you twenty goals this is not your man. You have to rate him on the abilities described above but DJ will bring out the best in him.
Personally I rate him as one of the best young players on our (former) books. There are few weaknesses.

Would you have liked to keep him?

This deal, speaking as a Wolves fan leaves me bewildered. It leaves us short on forwards and his versatility was a true asset. We can only assume Mick is either going to bring in a name because it leaves us short of options.

Will he do a good job in the Championship?

He is a great addition to your squad. – I remain astounded you landed Bellamy and with Keogh alongside or playing behind him Bellamy can hit the 30 goal mark and I fancy you for promotion this season.

Is Cardiff a good move for him?

I think it is the move he needed and I am glad he has joined a club with such ambition and potential. He often was the scapegoat at Wolves when things were going wrong- of you want further proof- and differing options log onto The Express and Star- our local paper supposedly behind our club but whom stir silly storied and happily allow idiots who can hardly string a sentence together to slag off the likes of Andy- the paper is a big reason I switched to Vital Football which seems well organized and respectable by and for real fans. He deserves first team football and I truly wish him the best

Any thoughts on likely transfer fee after loan?

We valued him at £2.5m pre season which is why no one signed him. As an Irish international I would say 2 million is fair. A lot depends on the job he does for you. If you go up and he has made a big contribution to the cause I would say 2 million with a half million add on over two years. Trust me- you are signing a quality player who is worth his salt. Good luck for the season and be sure to hit our site for reaction and updates.

Many thanks to New York City Wolf over at Vital Wolves for his time and thoughts.


5 Replies to “Wolves Fan View On Cardiff City Recruit Keogh”

  • keogh is a great lad, a real pro who is selfless and will run himself into the ground for the cause. the key word in that sentence is selfless. he will often find himself in a great position, and the kind word is selfless, but crueller people may say goal shy or poor temperament. call it what you will, for all his endearing endeavour, you will definitely find yourself pulling your hair out screaming WHY DIDNT U F***ING SHOOT YOU **** **** ********* **** at least once this term. that said, some of the goals he got for us were absolutely pivotal, scoring the winner in our 1st ever away win in the prem, and a vital brace at derby that all but sealed promotion for us when we won the league.

  • Sounds a great deal for a season long loan – hope he can play a part but will have to get past bothroyd, chopra, bellamy and Burke….

  • As NYCW mentioned Keogh wont be competing as an out-and out striker… but he will create so many chance that a space must surely be found for him just off the front two or on the wing.

    Though he was never going to score truckloads for us he was a perfect sub for Fletch or Doyle with 10-15 mins to go, and with his creativity was a vital piece for our 4-5-1 puzzle. If we dont sign some young hell-raiser upfront. then lending Keogh out will be a definite mistake by mick – who so far this transfer has done absolutely wonders. I am worried, 3 senior strikers is terribly inadequate for a season-long campaign..

    Cardiff – and one of Wolves’ best managers of recent times, DJ – deserve Prem football, and with boro, pompey and hull all struggling at the minute I cant see a better time for promotion.

    As an aside, NYC you arent the only one ditching the woeful E&S ! Cant believe I used to peruse their site for “news”


  • suprised he’s that highly thought off, especially as Moxey loathes our club and would never knowingly do us a favour??!

  • Ad Mant- glad to hear another has cut the strings from the Express & Star- grew up reading that paper and have not been able to pinpoint the day it turned into a tabloid driven wooden spoon. Never mind- onward and upward: Blue Bird- you are right that Moxey does not do favors, but he doesn’t turn tricks, so to speak for anyone. One could perhaps, just perhaps assume City are number one, paying his wages, and two, invariably inflating his value every time he has a good game…

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