Date: 4th April 2006 at 11:52am
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Lee Trundle and Alan Tate are in disgrace following distasteful and ill-advised gestures following the Millenium Stadium triumph on Sunday.

Trundle wore a T-shirt over his team jersey, depicting a cartoon of a Swansea player urinating on a blue Cardiff City shirt. The two players also proubly displayed a flag with insulting and offensive words written over it.

The actions appear suprising in the least as Cardiff were not even entered into the competition and have not played Swansea at all this season, whatever issues Trundle had appear to be personal or a misguided and pathetic attempt to endear himself further to the Swansea fans.

The comments have been criticised by Police, FAW, Swansea and Cardiff spokespeople alike and many Swansea fans have also been left extrmely bitter about the incident leading several to make thei own personal apologies.

It seems unlikely that the incident will spark any trouble between the supporters although the chances of the two sides being in the Championship next season look more likely, this would be a fantastic oppurtunity for both clubs and the last thing either club wants is for this kind of incident to over-shadow such fixture.

Trundle and Tate are experienced Swansea players and everyone would be happier if they, especially Trundle, did their talking on the pitch.


8 Replies to “Trundle in disgrace”

  • I don’t know many Cardiff fans are in any way upset with it, just a damn stupid thing to do

  • I agree it was a little stupid but at the end of the day it’s happened and we can’t change it , as i said i put it down to banter which is fine and i don’t see a ban for LT10 just a fine .

  • It was stupid but he’s only a footballer and lets face it they’re not known for their brains are they!

  • hmmmm trundle in disgrace …. what about the cardiff fans that have been sending death threats to trundle and swansea city fans…. think thats a DISGRACE at least when he held that flag and put the top on he was not threatening any one ….. C’MON DA JACKS!! 😀 bera watch out cardiff here we cumm … SWIM AWAYY !!

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