Supporters Club boycott Leeds fixture

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A meeting was held in Pontypridd last night by the Valley RAMS, primarily to discuss the away fixture against Leeds United on December 10th.

This has been a hot topic at the club for the last few days, with many of the fans angry at the way they are being treated whilst on the road with Cardiff City Football Club.

A large number of RAMS members and representatives attended the meeting, the majority in favour of boycotting the fixture altogether. The representatives who could not attend the meeting made their thoughts clear in advance, each in favour of a boycott.

Paul Corkery, sectary of the Valley RAMS said: ?The feeling is that it?s time to make some effort in getting across to everyone that enough is enough. It is now a matter of principle and a united front is needed to get the issue more attention.?

I myself travelled to this fixture with the RAMS last season, but it?s not solely about Leeds United. It?s about being forced to travel via coach. It?s about being at certain places at certain times. It?s about missing kick-off because the police escort has kept you at the services too long. It?s about being unable to have a pint before the game. It?s about being kept in the ground 50 minutes after kick off. Above all, it?s about discrimination.

Hull City fans proved yesterday that the threat of boycotting a fixture over travel restrictions can end in victory. All travel restrictions forced upon them for their New Years Eve clash against Leeds United were dropped.

The official Hull City website stated: ?Leeds United, Hull City and the West Yorkshire Police are all determined that the potential actions of the minority should not be allowed to effect the enjoyment of the majority.?

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