Peaceful March Details Confirmed

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The march, and then protest, against the change of Cardiff shirt and club crest, will take place later this month with the details confirmed this evening.

Changing shit colours from our traditional blue to red and also changing club crest were terms of Vincent Tan’s takeover of the club but, and quite rightly, this hasn’t been a move that’s gone down well with anyone of a Bluebirds persuasion.

‘Pro blue’ songs will be sung during the Premier League game with Liverpool on March 22nd with a march from a nearby pub to the Cardiff City Stadium beginning proceedings with the protests continuing in the stadium from 19 minutes and 27 seasons in.

A statement on the Cardiff City Supporters Club website explained all, reading: ‘It will be an opportunity for all Cardiff City fans to show that they do not support the rebrand of the club’s colours and strongly desire a return to Cardiff City’s traditional blue kit and Bluebird badge.

‘The march is backed by all major fan groups and will be supported by members of The Cardiff City Supporters Trust, The Cardiff City Supporters Club, Cardiff City Forum, Cardiff City Online and Bluebirds Unite.

‘In addition all other supporters groups, individual supporters and their families are invited and encouraged to attend.

‘The one and only objective of the march is for fans to display a mass show of pride in Cardiff City’s heritage and tradition and to peacefully demonstrate our strong desire to return to our blue kit with Bluebird badge.’

Tan recently said that there wouldn’t be any return to blue while he was in charge and once the fans, or someone with the money he wanted, took over then they can do what they want but has no intentions whatsoever to change.

I’d be surprised if this saw a change of heart from the owner but all the while you sit back and do nothing at all then nothing ever changes in life.

If Tan can see first hand, in a passionate by peaceful way, just how passionately the fans feel about this on that afternoon then if he has any respect for us and wants to show respect to the clubs traditions and heritage, values he claims to hold dearly, maybe just maybe it’s not impossible he could backtrack.

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