Malky Skips Cardiff City Press Conference

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Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay opted against attending this mornings pre-Liverpool press conference instead leaving assistant David Kerslake to field the awkward questions regarding his absence. Malky was also not present as the squad arrived at Rhoose airport earlier, in another sign of his impending departure.

It really does look like Mackay’s position in untenable, and that he will be gone by Monday if not sooner. Vincent Tan will surely lose whatever credibility he may have had left – but the best guess would be that he doesn’t even understand what that will mean. Aside from losing one of the brightest young managers in the game, few potential replacements will want to work with him.

Whatever happens over the course of the season will be a disappointment. Mackay has done an exceptional job, not just on the playing side of things but the progress made behind the scenes has been groundbreaking. Unfortunately, that work is undone – seemingly by an over-inflated and fragile ego.

If there was any chance of salvaging the situation, Vincent Tan would be very well advised to make it happen. Unfortunately, that situation is likely the only one he would rule out without a moments thought.

One thing that can be virtually guaranteed is that Malky Mackay’s future is brighter than that of Cardiff City Football Club, and that he will always experience a warmer reception from the Bluebirds fans than Vincent Tan.

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  • Slurms McKenzie says:

    Theres a job going at Spurs Malky…

  • Whitt's Left Peg says:

    That is an ominous deision to have taken. Fair enough maybe he wanted to just deflect attention from him and back onto the game but…that’s a big but and I cannot lie.

  • chrishove123 says:

    Hey, We will gladly take Malky in at Spurs. I live just down the road from Cardiff and have seen what he has done with Cardiff and am well impressed. I’d have him here tomorrow if we could. A lot of other Spurs supporters are starting to see it this way as well. So, if Tan Sam doesn’t want him we’ll have him. Oh I called him Sam Tan as he is extinguishing the heart of the club. Best of luck and I hope you l;ose Sam Tan very soon.

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