Date: 23rd March 2009 at 11:46am
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Following the red card to Gabor Gyepes on Sunday, Cardiff City would usually turn to Darren Purse to slot into the back two but one effect of our increased squad depth is that the former captain is no longer selected on the bench meaning that Kevin McNaughton was required to move infield and cover the centre-back position.

Quite simply, Kev was superb. Under such circumstances, his performance was put into perspective and he did so well that Jones will seriously consider keeping him there if Gyepes’ ban is upheld.

McNaughton belied his short stature to dominate aerially but it was on the floor that he really took charge, nipping ahead of attackers on countless occasions, stepping in casually to take possession and providing an ever-solid defensive basis despite the lack of cover and huge spaces Sheffield United had to exploit.

Normally you wouldn’t assume the defenders impressed particularly after a 3-0 win but this was no ordinary game and McNaughton’s display was inspirational. All the players had to run their socks off and did so brilliantly but none could match the determination, passion and obvious quality on show from our grey-haired Scotsman.

On occasions, I lost sight of Cotterill in the corner, hidden behind a beam supporting the old Bob bank. Despite supporting blades and a great deal of space, it was McNaughton who emerged with the ball, stepping into midfield and trying to set an attack up.

I didn’t hear a man of the match award given yesterday, but my vote goes hands down to Mr Kevin McNaughton – a great performance.


5 Replies to “Magnificent McNaughton Impresses For Cardiff”

  • I agree but the spirit and commitment shown by the whole Last 9 working for each other was terrific – we supporters were bloody good too!

  • Absolutely brilliant support, marred only by a few (yet audible) boos when McPhail came on. I disagreed with DJ’s logic, but to boo McPhail is not on and can only make it worse.

  • Yes – it’s unfortunate that a [small] section of the crowd now EXPECTS McPhaill to make mistakes and if/when he does they’re only too ready with their ‘TOLD-YOU-SO’ reactions .. but he does seem to need more time than others to decide what to do and too often it’s just that little bit late ..

  • He was poor…but its inexcusable. He’s still a useful squad played and a long time player of the club! I feel a poll coming on….

  • kev wait outstanding but the other guys were on top form. if you fancy a laugh take a look at the blades articles with comments about the game. we were the better team with 9 men.

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