Date: 3rd May 2009 at 3:21pm
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Cardiff City capitulated and never looked litke scoring against a relaxed Sheffield Wednesday and it was with barely a a whimper that the Bluebirds surrendered the play-off place that was their to lose and looked all but guaranteed a couple of weeks ago.

City looked a shadow of their former selves in a second half where we were completely second best. The lively Jermaine Johnson got the inevitable goal with a sweetly struck shot from the edge of the area. Roger Johnson missed an open goal from 25 yards but Cardiff didnt deserve anything from the game – did they even want it?

The Cardiff City fans are stunned, Preston and Burnely both did what was required of them – our task was even easier but these were fragile and nervous boys many of whom will either leavfe or be destined for another year of Championship football.

The train wreck that has been the past month for Cardiff City will long be remembered. There are calls for Dave Jones’ head, the inquest begins…..


32 Replies to “Hillsborough Heartbreak For Cardiff City”

  • I agree, I think the fans here are desperate for someone to blame. Can’t blame one person – this was a team failing

  • Think it should be ‘Sheffield Wednesday’ not the stinking half of Sheffield!! Bet you are absolutely gutted?

  • .. lunatic to blame Dave Jones (although some of his midfielder preferences were to say the least puzzling ..) .. so many ‘if onlys’ – since we miss out on the play-offs simply because we’ve scored ONE GOAL FEWER than Preston, the 12 goals we conceded in the last FOUR games were crucial .. if only Ross hadn’t missed the half-time penalty at Preston, if only Mark Kennedy hadn’t scored the headed goal of the season FOR Preston .. and so on and on and on .. but we have ended up with our best finish for [I think] over 30 years – no consolation tonight I know but let’s not start finding scapegoats and destroying ourselves in the process .. in the end we just weren’t good enough ..

  • Now it does say ‘Sheffield Wednesday’ Why did DJ leave Ross on the bench?

  • Leave Ross on the bench… favour of Whittingham is the question! Crazy decision. Just to clarify, I’m not blaming Jones – just that many people in Sheffield are…

  • midfield needs a complete overhaul for 09/10. some big changes and if DJ cant do any better 09/10 then perhaps it would be time to change. the more fans talk about getting rid of DJ the more likely it will be to happen. i agree gtsutton to many what ifs. ive been doing it since FT. if only preston had won 3 nil and not 6 nil. i think Ross was left out because his head is hanging low. he could have sealed th eplace on his own and thats why he will stay at CC. to learn more and get confidence. lets not forget the players DJ has brought in over the years and the money he has spent. he has found some corkers. roger is my biggest concern. i hope he stays. fans were happy to finish 13th last year. looks like we have to do it in stages……..we just havent got the money

  • Sorry but your team were gutless at Hillsborough today. Only Darren Purse was putting his body on the line. If that’s what the last month as been like then City have just bottled it and thrown away a playoff spot that should have been theirs. Your fans were superb, until we scored which would have deflated any set of supporters. See you next year, look forward to visiting your new home.

  • Despite Dareen Purse being a tosser and you having the Welsh FA in your pocket…I am gutted the bluebirds aint in the play offs…cos I know how much the fans wanted it…..good luck in the new stadium though…probably without DJ as manager

  • Blame the manager? Cup Final followed by such a close call – what more do you want?

  • As a Wednesday fan, I would hazard a guess that the “what” you enquire City fans want is a playoff place. Yes you’ve had two great seasons but that playoff place should have been yours some time before Hillsborough. As such DJ should shoulder his share of the blame as well as the players who bottled it. That being said DJ is an excellent manager who has faced greater challenges in his life than getting City promoted. You should stick with him, it was CCFC’s best finish for nearly 40 years. Their is always next year. Personally, I might have a bet on Preston for the playoffs, a run like that might mean more than just luck. Of course, it could just be that they’re playing United.

  • defeat grasped from the jaws of victory!! i think the point that most of us have forgotten is what we have actually achieved this season, we’ve managed to keep our best players and get a couple of good signing, while keeping the books level, looked like getting automatic promotoin at one stage and held the likes of Arsenel at home! all on a small squad of tired players, hopefully we can keep the squad together and build on it for next season and get atraight automatic promotion plus will be in a better postion to stay up!! i also do question DJ tactics but at the end of the day he has only got a small pool of players to pick from.

  • I’m not sure about the lack of squad depth really, players like quincy/scimeca/blake/e johnson/capaldi and even Burke hardly got any games even when players were thought to be tired.

  • Thank you all so much for making this a very memorable weekend..hahaha..
    Dave jones for Cardiff king…lol

  • then if not the squad it has to be the manager, the last few games when we needed an attacking threat or intenetion from the bench he would bring McPhail on??? and like you mentioned apart from johnson and Burke, Quincy/scimeca/blake had not even been picked as subs!!

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