Date: 17th June 2010 at 12:37pm
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Cardiff City are under new management so to speak with the departure of Peter Ridsdale under the new regime of TG and his fellow Malaysian investors. That move also saw the introduction of a new Chief Executive in Gethin Jenkins. So far, he has picked up mixed reviews but gained support from many quarters after speaking out to dismiss speculation linking Michael Chopra with a move away from the club.

Michael Chopra is a natural goalscorer and is a prize commodity in the Championship. We would certainly be looking at 20+ goals as a realistic target and there are few such strikers available for less than £5m. Nevertheless, Cardiff City fans (and Dave Jones) have become accustomed to seeing top players routinely undersold over the summer months. The receiving clubs of the likes of Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal), Cameron Jerome, Roger Johnson (both Birmingham City) and Glenn Loovens (Celtic) have all picked up bargains simply because we were in a poor financial state. Moves for Fabian Delph and Gareth Bale blitzed our ‘valuations` out of the water and we have been bullied.

However, whilst Jenkins` comments represent a welcome move, the real test is yet to come. Put simply, we`ve heard it all before. Consider a quote from late July 2008 where the CCFC management were speaking to the Western Mail:

“We have no need to sell any of the players we have and that includes Glenn.”

Glenn Loovens was sold to Glasgow Celtic in August, for a fee of around £2.5m. We brought in Gabor Gyepes for a fraction of that which was a decent bit of business but In Loovens we had a defensive rock to build a team around, whereas Gyepes has been unable (rightly or wrongly) to break into the first team in two full seasons and if free to find another club.

Which of course means that Jenkins telling the BBC:

‘We’re not in a position where we need to sell, and Michael Chopra is contracted to us.’

May not mean exactly what we think / hope. Peter Ridsdale was always quick to bolt-on his favourite adage that ‘every player had their price` and I think supporters understand that, even through the disappointment of losing someone as important as Chopra.

This will be a critical time. Over the coming few weeks we will learn a great deal about the ambition of the new regime, and how much stock we are able to put in comments that Jenkins or other management figures may make. Transparency is a term long associated with CCFC hierarchy but Publicity Pete`s penchant for spin was eventually understood by the Bluebirds fans and we learnt the hard way not to take what he said as fact.

Here`s hoping Michael Chopra will line-up against Sheffield United at CCS on Saturday 7th August. If, however, we have sold him for less than his worth – alarm bells will be ringing.

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13 Replies to “‘Hands-Off Chopra’ – But Are Cardiff City Serious?”

  • Thats a really good article, 6 mil to me is the price for chops ONly if we reinvest it ALL. btw – wtf is a ‘publicity petes penchent’ ?!?

  • sorry mate, penchant is like preference or Ridders liking for spin – I’ll try and write smaller words in future

  • dont have to be small, you can write about Schwinkendorf if you like – just use normal fecking words!!!

  • Thing is, they cant win then…if they say nothing, we complain there’s no news or we’re definitely selling. If they say hands off, you complain they might not mean it…..

  • thats exactly my point though Aderyn las: Given our recent record, they cant expect us to fall into line and accept everything – here’ hoping they can EARN our respect and belief.

  • I do agree with you pretty much. I suppose the issue is that we do now have a pot to ***** in, its just someone else wants it and we could do with having lots of good pots, rather than one really awesome pot!

  • i like the article and a lot said is true, i’m still very sceptical of the new regime to be honest, i wonder to myself why the malaysians would invest in a club that will have no revenue this season as all season ticket money is already spent plus any small match revenue made will have to pay some of the wages…….. therefore we like you say abergyn las DON’T have a pot to p i s s in!!!! they now own around 30% of a club which is virtually insolvent in accounting terms and my guess is it won’t be long before we are subject to another winding up order………….. i am really interested as i’m sure you guys are to see just how far the malayasians are going to go…… will they launch a full takeover or are they looking to bankroll this season in hope of landing the premiership, either way they need to put multi-millions in to run this season and the next……………….without sounding too horrid i kinda wish we’d been put into administration with the malaysians then buying us out for a cut price where we could have started again with no debts a great stadium and excellent facilities……………. we still have langston debt to meet also so until we find the full intention of TG and his backers i will remain sceptiical and rather nervous about the future!!! i also think that chopra will be sold for nearly £5m in order to fund most of the seasons wages, but only time will tell…….. however i did hear that we have upped our loan bid for bellamy to £30k per week and man city reportedly have accepted that bid ( load of twosh if u ask me) but who knows???????????

  • glad we’ve rubbished the link with steve howard why would we want a 34 yr old striker???

  • 7 or 8 players have left cardiff so far including scimeca,etuhu and probably ledley in a couple of months. and we have brought in 1 player tom heaton why is city so slow on the transfer market.

  • couple of reasons we are so slow which up til now is still rumours……as i previously said the club is in accounting terms insolvent as we have no money so if the malaysians don’t trump up more cas there will be no new blood……i also here a rumour that dave jones has had a bust up with the board as they have told him only two players will come in this summer 1 of which is suppose to be earnie from forest in part exchange with whitts….. how accurtate this is i’m not sure but its being rumoured for some time now……i also hear darcy blake is set to leave for £1m to hamilton……. dave jones reportedly set to leave also………. expect a poor start this season as bothroyd also expecting to leave the club……. chopra will stay however………… worrying times for this club and reports also say that the malaysian investment was just to rid the club of ridsdale and the investors he wanted to take over who are waiting in the wings to take back over the club when the malaysians pull the plug notice i say when and not if…….something has always bothered me about this investment and alarm bells ring as why would the board except a £6m investment to take control of a club worht much more than that in asstes( stadium alone over£35m) it bothers me a great deal…….we have no revenue this season and if you ask me the malaysians will be gone by christmas with ridders and has investors takin over the club once more……worrying times for city fans…………….i think bluebirdshroom knows more than he lets on also as hes always well informed but yet hasn’t posted much recently, something doesn’t smell quite right guys and me thinks PR pete will be back very shortly………. any more info let me know guys!!

  • always nice to be positive a smakerztheblubird.but there is one positive england out of world cup. to be honest i cant see city doing well. and every team that makes the playoff final and looses never comes in the playoff again.example.bristol,sheffu. but i did here a rumour that folan from hull was having look at cardiff. YOUR THOUGHTS.

  • we need another striker tbh but we need reinforcements in other areas that stand out more like centre mid and centre def plus a defo left back……. we gotta bring someone in soon as otherwise my fears will grow about us not bringing anyne in and rumours of players being sold also coming true…….

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