Date: 2nd January 2011 at 1:05pm
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Informed sources in Cardiff suggest that Dave Jones has potentially only a handful of games left as Cardiff City manager. It seems that only a convincing victory against Leeds on Tuesday, followed by a significant and sustained up-turn in form will spare Jones the ignominy of being the next Championship manager to lose his job.

How must TG and Vincent Tan be feeling, having granted Jones the resources to assemble what is undeniably the best quality squad in the division only to see them free-falling towards mid table? As they consider opening their cheque books in the January transfer window they must increasingly be wondering whether Dave Jones is still the best man to be spending their money for them. After recent disasters at Watford and Bristol City there are signs that the faith of Cardiff fans in their beleaguered manager is beginning to crumble, with many focusing on the 55 points needed to avoid relegation than the (increasingly unrealistic) 80 required to secure automatic promotion.

At the heart of the team’s recent poor form has been the apparent inability of the manager to inspire and motivate his players as well as his worrying tendency to choose the wrong options, particularly in defence. It was obvious to all those who witnessed the Watford debacle that the confidence of Lee Naylor and Darcy Blake was completely shot and that both should be withdrawn from the firing line. Yet both were in the match day squad at Bristol City and were to feature significantly in another dreadful defensive display. Whatever the perceived shortcomings of Gabor Gypes and Paul Quinn, neither lack resolve or an appetite for a challenge, exemplified by Quinn in the backs to the wall, ten man performance against Leicester last season. All great teams are founded on a strong, uncompromising defence, a concept to which Jones, himself once an accomplished defender, seems curiously blind. Our best centre half of last season remains out of favour and languishing on loan at Hull City, a procession of full backs have failed and been discarded and early reports of progress in the transfer window concern forwards, not defenders.

In demolishing Leeds earlier in the season we proved that we were worthy contenders for automatic promotion. It seems that only a return to that kind of form on Tuesday will ensure that we don’t pursue our increasingly fragile promotion quest under new management.


8 Replies to “DJ For The Sack? Chairman Considers his Options”

  • you are having a laugh right?? – this guy is best thing thats happened to cardiff for … well ever. You finally get parasite risdale out of pic and now you wanna bollox it all up again – you lot make my head hurt

  • No chance- Jonesy is a good manager but also an arrogant, stubborn one-trick pony who has become too comfortable. I wish we had a young enthusiastic and motivating manager, as little as i want to say it…..(like Swansea)

  • sorry simonfire1, you’re talking utter **** ! I have never once called for Jones to resign or be sacked…. but now everything’s changed. I assume you’re not a Cardiff fan, but we ALL know Dave Jones’ limitations and faults….unfortunately they are now starting to outweigh his clear talents. It’s unfortnuate but we have failed…..time and time again. Something’s gotta give…

  • so bluebirdshroom – you have now “once” called for him to be sacked (you just wrote it down here ^ ) Cardiff have had 2 absolute crooks as chairmen back to back … years in football wilderness and misfortune of being in a land here powers that be dont give a toss or know a thing about football (they just gave speed the job of managing national side so thats a fair comment I think) yet you are right up there knocking on premier league door – Jones (the man who got you there) has one little wobble and you want him out ?? – show some loyalty and see what he builds for you

  • Simply not true (on all counts). I still haven’t called for his sacking/resignation. Yes he deserves credit for where we are, but he hasnt had it as hard as he likes to claim. Ledley, Gunter, Ramsey, Jerome etc all coming through. We have gradually improves, but is it in line with where our squad should be? We lack motivation, a plan B and ability to change – there is simply no doubting that.

  • explain the truth to me (on EVERY single count) – your last 2 chairmen .. both good?? – years in football wilderness .. so youve been winners then?? – based in wales .. think im right there?? – knocking on premier door – were you in 1st place 4 weeks ago??

  • I will (though i’m not sure why….who do you support?!?). Sam Hammam was an enigma who was reckless, irresponsible and greedy. However, he gave us 2 legacies we never dreamt off…a new stadium, and even more crucially – the academy which has been unbeleivable (Ramsey £5m, Jerome £3.5m, Gunter £2m plus all their gametime etc and there’s plenty more to come). Risdale I deplore, yet he actually did good work initially, I supported him too long – I know it now but to begin with, he performed admirably. He also brought in our new owners, more by luck I suspect but still he was instrumental. Years in wilderness, well Dave Jones did not bring us to this level. He has succeeded in keeping us here, but he and others claim we should be higher so is that a failure on his part? Yes we’re based in Wales. Well Done. Knocking on premier door?!? you’re having a laugh – we have been shocking for tha majority of the season….lucky to pick up so many points, probably through intimidation. We played well against Leeds, Coventry…and after that I’m struggling…..I wish we were realising our potential, the truth is – we’re a one man team who have no backbone – we can be bullied so easily and I honestly think even 5th palce flatters us

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