Date: 24th November 2008 at 1:43pm
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It appears Cardiff City boss Dave Jones has lost patience with some of his players after a disasterous performance in front of the Sky cameras on Saturday and has promised changes will be made to the squad.

Among the likely candidates for the drop is Darren Purse – the defender was poor against Plymouth and should have dealt with the header that allowed Mpenza to sneak in. Gabor Gyepes was the replacement for Glenn Loovens but has had little chance to shine – he would partner Roger Johnson – who also played poorly though his position is thought to be safe.

Midfield duo Steve McPhail and Gavin Rae are underperforming, especially as a partnership. We have not looked good in central midfield all season but have stuck with these two due to loyaalty and a lack of alternatives. Darcy Blake and Riccy Scimeca are both in contention but City fans wont hold their breath.

Up-front Eddie Johnson looked as lost as ever against Plymouth and has now had plenty of chances. He has looked good on occasions but is he deserving of another start? McCormack and Bothroyd are both nearing comebacks and both should surely start ahead of the USA man.


4 Replies to “Dave Jones To Enforce Cardiff City Rotation”

  • Rae and McPhail are underperforming consistently – they both nearly get into positions that attacking half-backs should be in but never, or rarely, do we see any attempt from either of them to convert attacking positions into goal-scoring efforts .. too often what we get is that extra pass, usually backwards, and a minute later the ball’s lost or just hoofed into the middle ..

  • we need a creative midfielder which neither rae or mcphail are!
    scimeca can boss the midfield and usually does but lack of starts and poor fitness have seem him out for ages!
    routledge tried hard against plymouth and i hope he will give that commitment in every game!
    it was nice to have a right midfielder with a right foot!
    however parry and wayne rotated to much and effectively played themselves out fo the game!
    if riccy is fit i would playt riccy over mcphail anyday!
    i like raer for his work rate but his shooting and creativity are debateable! after the plymouth perfromance i am defo with shroom in saying that employing new formation could be a good idea

  • McPhail definately needs to be out of the 11. it makes me laugh when he turns 360 degrees. theres no style to it. hes like a kid in the park! Gabor should start – lets have a look at him and why hasnt Dennehy made the 16?

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