Date: 18th January 2016 at 11:05am
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In what might be one of the most bizarrely timed interviews from our board, Chairman Mehmet Dalman decided to publicly confirm that manager Russell Slade’s position as gaffer in under doubt.

On the back of FA Cup exit to Shrewsbury and defeat to Hull in the last week, Dalman conducted the media interview ahead of the Wolverhampton Wanderers clash last weekend and on the same day that Cardiff were placed under a transfer embargo and it has been long known that finances ruled the roost under Slade anyway with the cutbacks required and what they meant for squad selections in terms of getting players out and then signings in and even the most vociferous anti Slade fans have to acknowledge one hand has been tied behind his back since he took the job on.

The only remaining factor is has he done as well as he should’ve done despite that…but that’s another discussion.

Wales Online have our chairman quoted as saying ‘the jury’s out’ on our manager at this moment in time given results in recent times and the feeling amongst the fanbase.

‘Yes, he`s our manager, he has been here for a while and of course his position comes under scrutiny because it always has done. To say it never has been would not be true. He`s aware of the pressures, he`s a big boy who`s done this job before and he knows what he has to do. I`m disappointed in the results, I`m disappointed in some of the performances – I can`t hide my disappointment at that and I don`t think you can criticise me for saying that. I can`t speak for the board because we haven`t met, but speaking for myself the jury`s out as it is on every single one of us every time we have to deliver something. Russell knows the score, I have very good dialogue with him, I talk to him on a regular basis, he knows what`s ahead. He inherited a very good squad, he`s got a very good bunch and I think they are capable of doing more. Three weeks ago we were having a discussion that this team is arguably better than the team that got us promoted in the first place. He`s got enough material there to get the best out of. I think the challenge and the task ahead of him is very clear.’

Slade himself at the point on Friday morning said when asked about his relationship with the board.

‘I think it is good. I`ve spoken to the chairman this morning. I spoke to Vincent yesterday. I speak to Ken Choo on a daily basis many times. From day one there has been an openness and an honesty. They have appreciated that honesty and I have appreciated their honesty and professionalism in everything we`ve done.’

There’s not a lot wrong with what Dalman said to be fair, it’s just the timing and it has been the crux for many fans in terms of playing style and results as undoubtedly we should be doing better in many ways.

The press of course have taken those words and spoken about a fortnight for him to save his job and the deadline will be what happens in the coming games against Rotherham and Huddersfield given Cardiff picked up victory over Wolves.

Tasked for a response with three points under the belt after the weekend, Slade said he shouldn’t be the only one under scrutiny at the club.

‘It`s just a good response from us, it does not matter what the circumstances are. When you`ve lost a match you are always looking for a response. When you walk into this job you are always under pressure. I do think when a club gets in this situation, you have to look at the whole club not just what is going on on the pitch. It`s the whole club where there needs to be scrutiny.’

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