Date: 19th March 2008 at 2:20pm
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Cardiff City have cleared the first hurdle when it comes to ridding themselves from the gloomy spectre of Langston and former owner Sam Hammam.

An initial court case refused summary judgement to Langston and it’s solicitor Hexstall’s, Mr Justice Briggs ruling that a summary judgement was not applicable and that a full court hearing was necessary.

While the saga remains far from over, this is a good start and back-ups Peter Ridsdale’s assertations all along that the club has a robust case.

The finances of the club should be eased somewhat for the immediate future, but with long term doubts over the loan – we still face an anxious wait until the complete situation is resolved. The next step is up to Langston, the judge recommended that both parties get together and amicably find a solution – that would suit us just fine.

As things stand – We DO NOT have to repay the £24m debt immediately.


10 Replies to “Court Rules In Cardiff City Favour !”

  • is it all settled now and we dont have to pay until 2016 or is the court thing still going on?

  • thats up to Langston Jamie. The next step, if they choose to take it, is to haul us to court – hopefully they wont want to take it that far….

  • Court is an option – just depends how stupid / stubborn Sam really is. I dont think we will strengthen until the action is dropped

  • get a chopra on loan. hes gettin droped from sunderland all the time. and there thinking of buying diego crist he will never be in there team .

  • look ridsdale and hammam now have a 2 month period i think it is to decide whether they can come to some sort of agreement. i think we will now strengthen by loans, but dont expect any big names

  • i look at sam hamman at wimbledon and i look at sam hamman at cardiff – have i found the common denominator?

  • maybe Merlin – but there is one main difference – Sam sent Wimbledon into oblivion – he’s failed with mighty Cardiff City – We are still here!

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