Date: 23rd February 2008 at 4:52pm
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Cardiff City suffered a disappointing defeat at the hands of relegation threatened Sheffield Wednesday after the Owls scored a 1-0 victory at Hillsborough.

The result was somewhat harsh on Cardiff after they dominated the first half with youngster Aaron Ramsey prominent. Cardiff looked the more threatening but failed to create clear chances and Wednesday took the lead after the gigantic Showumni beat Purse to head back into Tudgay’s path for the striker to finish clinically.

The second half saw a more confident Wednesday side, Cardiff had spells of pressure but the ball wouldn’t drop for them and several good chances went begging for the Bluebirds.

Sheffield continued to defend resolutely and would the clock down to score a valuable home win and deal a further blow to Cardiff’s dwindling play-off push. Cardiff deserved at the very least one point, more probably all three but it was not to be and it’s a fourth game without victory for Cardiff City.


14 Replies to “Cardiff Outplay Owls But Lose !”

  • Yes, well we haven’t got any real goal-scoring forwards have we – Jimmy is terrific with 2 or 3 superb touches per game but if they don’t lead to goals that’s the end of it .. Paul Parry is fast and worries defences but ISN’T a goal scoring, shoot-on-sight forward, and Steve Thompson just clatters into opponents .. when will Feeney and Green be available?

  • feeney out for another month, green I’m not sure but Jones doesn’t expect to use him this season. That said, do you think eitehr of those is the answer gtsutton? Unfortunately its the only options we have!

  • well feeney isnt really much of a shoot on sight striker, and green is another version of parry from what i seen of him when he was at newport. the worse thing is DJ wont even admit we aint got the goal scores, if we had this defence and midfield last season, up front with chops, we would be crusin the championship

  • I agree – we’re now paying the heavy price for not having an Earnie or Chopra .. we thought our striking problems were over when we signed Robbie Fowler and Jimmy FH .. unfortunately they’re costing so much that we didn’t have the money to go looking for a replacement when that became necessary .. unless we can find a proven young goal-scorer on loan we can say goodbye to the play-offs (is Ched tied up?) .. and we are safe from relegation aren’t we .. AREN’T WE?

  • How the hell did you out-play us? Ok for the first 15-20 minutes you did but that was it. A poor game all round but our second half performance deserved three points. You will need to play far better than that if you want to get into the play-offs!

  • That’s the way it goes sometimes, but why DID you sell MacLean? Not saying he would definitely have been the answer for you but..

  • well maclean had chances and he couldnt provide what we needed, we also needed money so for half a million it is very good piece of business seeing as we signed him for free. yea we should be looking at someone young to loan, but that will be our answer for about 2-3 months, we need to sign someone. and we are not safe, as our court hearing is in march i have been informed, meaning that we could still lose 10 points and those are cruical. and if we do lose this court hearing, the players wont be paied meaning they wont play to their ability then everyone will be sold or relased.

  • i swear tha cyjax is a cardiff fan, he loves messaging our comments, mate go bother someone in your own league

  • its worrying mick, those are real fans wnd there’s never any trouble – just something we live with but its very sad. A decent atmos at hillsborough again – hope you guys stay up

  • u OUTPLAYED us??? excuse me look at the stats…. wednesday had more possesion, more shots (on & off target), more corners and more crosses but yea u deserved 3 points!! get on!!!

  • more possion, and more shots on target yea mate, we had more corners and alot more shots in total, its just a reply of when we beat you 1-0 really, you all moanded you deserved to win. congratulations on the 3 points, the table shows you need every single point you can get, only hope we will be seeing you next season

  • Having been there, I dont think any strength of blue/white striped tinted glasses could show that Wednesday deserved to win. Cardiff deserved a 2 goal lead at half time, second half both sides were pretty dire but that suited Wednesday. Good on ya, but you were outplayed in the first 45. Best of luck for the season

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