Cardiff City To Release Crucial Statement Tomorrow

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Cardiff City will tomorrow release an official statement to set-out the plans for our immediate and long term future. Whilst the controversial plans to ‘re-brand’ CCFC will also be clarified, the wider picture is even more significant with longstanding debts, and the continued involvement of our Malaysian backers just as high on the agenda.

Following a board meeting today, a clear strategy going forward was presented and agreed. This is in addition to further significant progress over the past weeks.

Tensions are high at the moment, but it is of great credit to Alan Whiteley, Vincent Tan, TG and Malky Mackay that opinions have been canvassed, given due consideration and that public conduct has been extremely professional – with only clear, formal statements issued. That the initial leak of the ‘red’ plans was unfortunate is an understatement and was incredibly destabilising at the time.

The news tomorrow is almost certain to include a re-iteration of TG’s and Vincent Tan’s commitment, a promise of further investment but also a reminder of our significant financial burden. A clear statement of intent regarding the re-brand will be included, with at least a good amount of the original plan set to go ahead. There will also be plenty to read ‘between the lines’. Either way, tomorrow will be important for Cardiff City FC and is certain to stimulate further debate amongst City fans.

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  • merlin says:

    RED! Feck me what is that all about and how will it be received?

  • watford1881 says:

    Fans revolt… I’m not a Cardiff fan but I don’t like the seemingly steam roller of fans & the rape of footballing history…
    Let the powers that be that U won’t stand for it…
    History needs to be remembered & colours given the prominence they deserve…

  • worbo says:

    RED!!! As above, good God

  • taylor2078 says:

    Sold your soul and history for investment off Malaysian investors who could not give a F**K about your club bad luck fo.r next season RED birds UP THE JACKS

  • ten men says:

    red hee hee hee

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