Date: 12th April 2009 at 8:45pm
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Cardiff City defender Roger Johnson spent last night in hospital following the nasty incident that left him coughing up blood and gasping for breath.

The incident occurred when Claude Davis was assigned to mark Johnson at a corner, having seen replay footage Davis makes no attempt to go for the ball and certainly seems to forcefully make contact with RJ’s head.

The Bluebirds were incensed, Dave Jones sent off and the club have released a statement on the official website:

‘In our opinion, the challenge looks deliberate and malicious and could have more seriously endangered Roger Johnson’s well being than hopefully is the case. We are now asking the Football Association to investigate as a matter of urgency.’

Losing Roger would be a huge blow to us, but this was the main talking point in a fiery encounter strewn with aggressive and often illegal challenges. Only Davis knows what he intended to do but video footage is likely to leave him at least a little apprehensive should the FA decide to investigate.


2 Replies to “Cardiff City Man In Hospital After Malicious Elbow”

  • It was amazing to listen to Warnock, the Palace manager, claiming apparently that Roger had struck Davis’ elbow using his throat as a weapon .. well done David Jones for defending his player with passion, and Peter Ridsdale for refusing to forget a vicious assault that would have landed the aggressor in the Courts if committed in the street .. let’s hope the FA have the courage to remove this lout from football ..

  • ive watched the clip over and over…………davies looks at roger and raises his arm while barging. disgusting. how can palace defend it

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