Date: 14th November 2015 at 11:59am
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Will Cardiff and Newport not be a part of the new ‘renamed’ England Football League (EFL) next season then?

If the names anything to go by then no!

The insulting renaming of the Football League classifies those Welsh clubs, Cardiff and Newport at present, as ‘English’ from the start of next season when the EFL renaming comes into place – a move which, as yet, neither club have commented on.

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust (CCST) chairman Tim Hartley has though.

Not only is the Football League renaming to the ELF insulting to Cardiff and Newport the actual point of this rebranding has been questioned by the CCST, with Hartley telling the BBC.

‘It’s a little bit insulting that both Welsh clubs will be classed as English.

‘The rebranding will make a lot of money for companies making logos and headed paper but will do nothing for teams playing in the three divisions. What’s the point?

‘The Football League had status, we knew what it meant – why mess with a brand that clearly works?’

If you ‘put aside’ the fact Cardiff and Newport, which would apply to Swansea should they drop out of the Premier League or the likes of Wrexham come back from the Non-League scene, will be classified as ‘English’ then to answer the question of ‘what’s the point’ of this move I think we all know the answer….


A rebrand will generate extra money for the Football League, or EFL whatever you’ll want to call it, as they look for other ways to make more of this!

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